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Digital Humanities Sessions @ Kzoo 2021

If you’re a digital humanist attending Kalamazoo 2021 (affectionately – or not – referred to as Kalamazoom), here’s a list of sessions that address DH or DH-adjacent topics. Shameless plug: You should definitely join us on Thursday for a roundtable on “The Digital Middle Ages in Ireland and Beyond”!

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list. I compiled it by searching the program for the terms “digital,” “virtual,” and “data.” Feel free to comment or tweet any others that I may have missed!

All times in EDT (as given in the program)

Monday9:00 AMEnvironments of Change: Late Medieval Landscapes, Communities, and Health
Monday11:00 AMFragments and the Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission (A Panel Discussion)
Monday1:00 PMNew Research in Medieval Parish Church Art and Architecture III: Placement, Identity, and Trade in Medieval Parish Churches
Monday1:00 PMManuscript Studies without Manuscripts
Monday3:00 PMMedieval Virtualities (A Roundtable)
Tuesday9:00 AMSaints Online: Using Digital Methods to Investigate the Cults of Saints
Wednesday9:00 AMThe Future of Digital Manuscript Libraries (A Panel Discussion)
Wednesday1:00 PMColLABoration: The Laboratory Model in the Digital Humanities
Wednesday7:00 PMArchaizing Form: Rolls and Beyond
Thursday9:00 AMThe Social Dynamics of Religious Dissent I: Gender, Family, and Community
Thursday11:00 AMFrom Kerala to Timbuktu: Virtual Manuscripts and the Global Work of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (A Workshop)
Thursday11:00 AMThe Digital Middle Ages in Ireland and Beyond (A Panel Discussion)
Thursday11:00 AMThe Social Dynamics of Religious Dissent II: The Social Impact of Inquisitions
Friday1:00 PMMany Hands: Resources for Digital Paleography (A Roundtable)
Friday7:00 PMMedieval/Digital Reading Environments and Practices
Saturday1:00 PMCurating Medieval Plague and Pestilence
Saturday3:00 PMRemembering Robert Mark and Andrew Tallon III: Gothic Structure
Saturday3:00 PMDigital Tools for Research and Analysis (A Roundtable)
Saturday5:00 PMMind the Gap: Bridging Departments and Disciplines in the Digital Humanities (A Roundtable)

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